Esri Southeast DevMeetup

via Chris Bupp, Senior Application Developer

The Southeast Esri Dev Meetup went really well last night.  It was my 2nd dev meetup, and it was great to see several faces from previous meetups.  The event was hosted at Stats in Atlanta, GA.

My Highlights of the night:

  • Mansour’s Hadoop Presentation
  • 5 lightning talks (3 from GISi)
  • Fellow Esri Developers

Mansour’s Presentation:

In Mansour’s famous fashion, he was able to amaze, inspire, and scare you in a single 25 minute presentation.  His topic was “Big Data,” and amazed us with the sheer quantity and speed.  He then inspired us by showing us how easy it was, and how he laughs if people only have “millions of records.”  He then scared us by talking about real world big data… phone calls, sensor networks, and “unknown unknowns”


Lightning Talks:

I was able to give 2 lightning talks at this meetup.  The first was “Hands-on GIS” and talked about my 100 lines or less entry at the 2013 Dev Summit that integrated a LeapMotion device with an ArcGIS for JavaScript map (video).

via @AmyNiessen

My second lightning talk was comparing GeoTriggers to GeoEvent Processor.  My conclusion:  They have a lot of overlap in capabilities, but have a few key differentiators.

  • Concerned about mobile battery life? Use GeoTriggers
  • Don’t want to host a server? Use GeoTriggers
  • Want access to your data on AGOL? Use GeoEvent Processor
  • Want customizable processing or custom inputs/outputs? Use GeoEvent Processor
  • Want to pull down lightning strikes or Bouy data? Use GeoEvent Processor


Amy Niessen and Jim Barry did a great job putting this event together.  It was a great location, great food, and great people!  I can’t wait for the next event (and hope that it’s sooner than later).

About GISi
Geographic Information Services, Inc. (GISi), is a professional services GIS consulting firm established in 1991 and headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. The GISi team consists of highly experienced, educated professionals known for thought leadership and mission-critical thinking in the fields of geography, planning, environmental science and information technology. GISi is an industry leader in the innovative use of geospatial technology. As a professional services organization with strong technical capabilities and a culture of service excellence, GISi has an unparalleled reputation of enabling customer success. GISi helps organizations turn data into insight by leveraging spatial technology merged with tabular data for visualization and analytical capabilities. Additionally, GISi's sole focus is helping organizations derive maximum value from their ESRI investment through installation, configuration, data processing, custom development, and training services. GISi maintains a strong relationship with ESRI and has been a member of its Business Partner Program for more than 15 years. GISi has been honored by ESRI eight times in the last seven years for its innovative work in the ArcGIS environment including the inaugural ESRI Foundation Partner Award, Southeast Region Business Partner of the Year, and Most Valuable Programmer (MVP) Award for six years running.

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