2013 Esri Petroleum GIS Conference Recap

By: Joe Howell and Sonny Beech

Another fantastic Esri event and a great opportunity to network with over 1,500 petroleum, gas, and pipeline GIS users; the Esri Petroleum GIS Conference (PUG) didn’t disappoint. Held at the George R. Brown Convention Center is Houston, Texas, the conference had a great mix of events for attendees and we were able to note just a few takeaways.

The show itself didn’t hold any big surprises as Esri continues to emphasize ArcGIS Online as a platform and pitched the intranet portal as a solution for companies who are hesitant to use cloud hosting. They announced native GIS integration with PI, an api used by most SCADA and Vehicle Tracking systems. They also announced the deprecation of the C and Java api’s for ArcSDE, moving to runtime and engine for development. They are moving away from Application Tier of SDE, favoring Direct Connect management instead (this is very apparent in 10.1 desktop). Also ArcGIS Portal has completed the Active Directory integration.

The social was at the House of Blues and, as usual, the food and music were both great – though it was a tad bit loud to carry on conversations at length. Still it was a great opportunity to meet up with old and new friends for a night out in Houston.

In Conclusion

This was actually our first petroleum conference, so overall we both felt like it was very insightful. We’ve wanted to really get to know and participate more in the Esri petroleum circles and this conference was the perfect opportunity to accomplish this. For the first time, approximately 15-20% of attendees came from pipeline companies – and these folks added quite a lot to the discussion, which definitely helped make the conference even more of a success from our vantage point.

Esri Petroleum GIS Conference Social held at the House of Blues.

Esri Petroleum GIS Conference Social held at the House of Blues.

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